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    Baby shower cake

    Baby Shower Cake

    We provide different shape of cakes from small to nth-tier whether its welcoming occasion of your baby boy and baby girl or pregnancy celebration.
    Barbie Doll Cake

    Barbie Doll Cake

    The cuteness and beauty of Barbie Doll attract every girl. So, imagine how fascinating it will be when a Barbie doll comes in the form of a delicious cake? Here is a gorgeous cake to infuse happiness and enthusiasm in your little angel's birthday celebration. It is baked using the rich quality of ingredients and with loads of love too. Add a dose of craziness in your daughter's birthday celebration by ordering this Barbie cream cake online.
    Bed Cake

    Bed Cake

    SLEEPING COUPLE CAKE, couple sleeping on bed. Just change your message & make it for any use, it may be a naughty cake for honey moon or a valentines day cake.
    Picture of Clothes Design Cake

    Clothes Design Cake

    For the people in your circle who is all about the clothes, fashion and accessories, the Clothes Design Fondant Cake makes the perfect choice to match their sparkling personality. Each bite of the cake is as luxurious as her collection of all things designer!
    Picture of Company Cake

    Company Cake

    Surprise and motivate your teams with a personalized dessert: staff party, inauguration of new premises, retirement, promotion of a colleague, opening new markets or exceeding your goals, all opportunities are great reasons for a party, even in the business world.
    Picture of Couples Cake

    Couples Cake

    Make someone who you love go crazy by gifting them supreme flavor indulgence for couples with this beautiful design.
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